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Arieli & Company was conceived in 1990 and born in 2014.

The seed for Arieli & Company came from a trip taken by the Founder to Freetown, Sierra Leone. As a child, she spent a summer in a breeze-block housing community there. A young boy proposed to her: "If you marry me, I'll take you to Disney World!"

Years later, she thought back to this little boy. If he was willing and able to be a great leader, what obstacles stood in his way? This question and finding solutions to it became preoccupations ever since.

In 2014, Arieli & Company was founded to provide career management solutions for leaders. The firm provided performance coaching, leadership branding, and advice for work challenges. Clients began to ask the Company to develop solutions to fuel peak performance at their organisation. With this, Arieli & Company evolved into its present-day form.

Our genesis retains a strong influence on how we do business. We serve transformational leaders to help them build a legacy. For us, the epitome of success is a client who looks back with pride on what they achieved for their community, organisation, or nation.

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