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Career success requires an intelligent understanding of all the factors at play: professional background and work history; professional competencies, including skills, behaviour, and attitudes; and personal history and career ambitions. That's a complex adaptive systems problem. We provide a complex adaptive systems solution.

A complex adaptive system (CAS) has multiple interconnected and interacting parts and agents. Examples include neural and social networks, ecosystems and economies, and organisations. Careers are a form of complex adaptive system. They are made up of other CAS (or 'sub-systems') that include personal and professional contact networks, work background and competencies, and personal history, beliefs, and motivations.

We specialise in helping leaders and high-level contributors achieve peak performance. We accomplish this by applying a complex adaptive systems lens to professional and career challenges. This means that while the foundation of our approach is proven methods and validated cutting-edge research, it is augmented by systems analysis that accounts for the fact that careers are complex adaptive systems, and therefore have certain behavioural tendencies and responses to internal and external events.

A complex adaptive systems lens means we provide critical insight to facilitate better decisions at key inflexion points in careers and leadership. The capacity to detect hidden variables and reveal how they impact individual and overall career performance drives this. Our tools include advanced psychometric assessment tools, competency mapping, and executive coaching.

We provide clients with the insight they need to make difficulty career decisions, move beyond challenging chapters in their career, and build the career and professional life they want. We offer the following solutions: Leadership Coaching, Career Advice, Performance Coaching, and Career Change.

The right intel matters

Our use of a complex adaptive systems lens provides clients with the information and capacity they need to achieve peak performance outcomes at work and across their careers.

Underpinned by proven methods and validated cutting-edge research, and augmented by a complex adaptive systems lens, our solutions can consistently deliver higher accuracy, better career outcomes, and a more reliable long-term view on career development.



Establish client priorities, including career aspirations and 'deal-breakers'

analyse the systems and variables relevant to the client's career challenge(s)

Tools include advanced psychometric assessment tools, proven career-defining exercises, and consultations


strategy and plan building

Identify critical factors that drive peak performance outcomes at work and across the career

Detect obstacles and identify opportunity regarding goal achievement

Present insights and appraise against the client brief; where appropriate, challenge client assumptions and present alternatives to solve client challenge


plan implementation

Develop actionable recommendations and/or fully developed solutions, as per client requirements

Implement plan, with capacity-building, as required

Follow-up support and advice

Our services are engaged by CxOs, leaders in critical roles, high-level contributors, and other individuals invested in delivering best-in-class products and services. We develop long-term relationships with them, and continue to track their career development and support them.

specific benefits

Your career ally

We partner with you to advance your career. We ensure that you have support as and when you need it — from big career decisions to tricky work situations — and develop long-term relationships with most clients we work with. We are invested in your success and leverage our expertise and our understanding of your particular situation to make sure you are always on track to achieve your goals.

Individual performance and potential

All our programmes are customised for your and your unique situation. We take into account your goals, financial context, interests, values, motivations, ambitions, and skills to isolate your most impactful next step and help you achieve your desired outcome. We also identify areas of potential and opportunities for development within your career trajectory.

Proven tools and methods

We are driven by cutting-edge research and proven methods. Our team is comprised of business psychologists, executive coaches, and experts with deep experience working with high-level leaders across sectors and countries. We use best-in-class psychometric tools, as well as a unique methodology that leverages insights across disciplines such as psychology and neuroscience to help you achieve your goals.

Long-term focus

The foundation of all our programmes is the creation of a strong career trajectory that takes into account your long-term career goals. We assess the suitability of near-term moves, decisions, and options in relation to their compatibility with your long-term plan, in order to ensure that you are always in alignment with your overall goals. We support your vision to make it a reality.

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