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For those in leadership roles, it can feel like the pressure is on to inspire your team, drive business results, develop your own leadership persona, and have your eye on the next promotion all at the same time. More and more we are seeing quality of leadership as a major reason for people to leave or stay at their jobs. Leadership coaching can help you to build the capacities that will define your success, and equip you to manage the competing facets of leadership.

One of the key aspects of leadership is responsibility: How will you lead your team? How will you manage change as it occurs throughout the organisation? How will you show up as a leader to your bosses, and show “executive presence”? Create a culture of trust and high performance within your team is about setting clear rules and boundaries, and understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and motivations of the individuals within your team. This necessitates capacities such as authority, confidence, and self-reflection. Our leadership coaching programmes support you in developing a leadership style that achieves the outcomes you want, and that can drive impactful change in your organisation. Our leadership coaching programmes:

  • Identify and address obstacles to effective leadership
  • Explore your strengths, motivations, and values to establish an authentic leadership style
  • Advise leaders to help them understand what makes their teams tick
  • Determine the leadership strategy that will support the achievement of your desired goals

Our leadership coaching experts have helped leaders across sectors and geographies to drive transformative change in their organisations. We work with experienced leaders, as well as first-time leaders looking to lead a team for the first time.

developing your leadership style

What personality traits and behaviours underpin effective leadership? Developing your leadership style is about understanding others' perceptions of you and what delivers great results. Authentic leadership is about embracing what makes you unique, and using that in service of creating successful outcomes for your team and organisation. We use leadership coaching to find out what your natural strengths are and how to use these to drive performance. We identify potential derailers and develop techniques for you to avoid them. Our leadership coaching brings your strategic objectives into clear view and helps you develop a powerful leadership style to achieve them.

leading change

Change leadership is key to success in today's rapidly changing market landscape. The moment to seize on organisational change insight is on the upward trend to success. Most organisational change initiatives fail or are too insignificant to be noteworthy. Our leadership coaching focuses on the art and science of leading change. We connect your authentic leadership to proven KPIs for successful change leadership. Together, we develop your leadership skills and capacities to deliver outstanding change leadership for you and your organisation.

building executive presence

The impression you make through your presence is key to effective leadership. It informs your level of influence and how seriously others take you. Developing your leadership presence is about how to increase your presence. It is also about how to develop gravitas. Our leadership coaching detects gaps and identifies opportunities for building executive presence. We provide you with one-to-one leadership coaching and training to close those gaps and improve your personal presence.

leading a team for the first time

Stepping into a new leadership role can be daunting. Gaining the respect of others is key to your ability to drive results and influence key stakeholders. When you are first time leader, you also face the question of how to prove leadership skills. Our one-to-one leadership coaching helps you identify what to focus on to create an impact as a new leader. We consider your mandate, who you need to influence, and the results you need to deliver. Our leadership coaching gives you the confidence that you have the right leadership style and personal presence to make a difference in your new role.

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Specific benefits with us

Individual performance and potential

All our programmemes are customised for your and your unique situation. We take into account your goals, financial context, interests, values, motivations, ambitions, and skills to isolate your most impactful next step and help you achieve your desired outcome. We also identify areas of potential and opportunities for development within your career trajectory.

Long-term focus

The foundation of all our programmes is the creation of a strong career trajectory that takes into account your long-term career goals. We assess the suitability of near-term moves, decisions, and options in relation to their compatibility with your long-term plan, in order to ensure that you are always in alignment with your overall goals. We support your vision to make it a reality.

Workplace and business context

We work with leaders and organisations across sectors and in multiple geographies. This gives us deep insight into current organisational and sector trends across the globe. We leverage this insight to inform our career advice. For those looking to transition into a new role, we also provide insight into your ideal work environment and company culture.

Our Services

Our leadership coaching involves one-to-one sessions in-person or via phone/video conference, tailored to your busy schedule. When you sign up, we match you to a coach from our international network of world-class coaches.

Initial Consultation

A 75-minute consultation with a leadership coach. Get advice on an urgent problem, or get to know us before committing to a longer programme. Learn how you can drive outstanding performance with effective leadership.

Ongoing Career Management Tracking

Ongoing weekly/monthly leadership coaching sessions focusing on career management. Ideal for those looking to solve longer-term challenges, or want regular advice.

Leadership Coaching programme

A 6-week programme to help you develop leadership capacities and overcome leadership obstacles. Includes:

  • Five 75-minute consultations
  • Two psychometrics including debriefing
  • Online client platform with exercises
  • Career Management Report, including key themes for your leadership development, near- and long-term career strategy, and related professional development edges
  • Four 15-minute follow-up calls for support and guidance


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