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Create More Certainty and Confidence Around Your Career

Deciding to make a career change can bring up more questions, uncertainties, and doubts than we'd like. What do I want to do next? When should I leave my current role? Will I be able to make as much money as before? A lot of us who are unhappy in our current role, or have reached a career plateau will hold out for as long as possible before having to face these uncertainties. Getting advice on your career change can help answer these questions, and create more certainty and confidence about the change you want to make. Our career change advice builds a solid strategy around your career change, and supports you in creating a systematic, step-by-step plan to achieve your desired outcomes. We also run a risk assessment on your current situation, taking into account the professional, personal, and financial implications of your career change, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. This also involves creating a Plan A, B, and C for your career change, so that you can feel secure in your career change strategy.

91% of us expect to stay in our jobs for fewer than 3 years. And over half of us are looking for a new job. The truth is that most of us aren't being fulfilled by our careers, or finding meaning in the work we are doing. The onus on finding a career that gives you purpose, and understanding what career best suits you, becomes all the more important, then. Speaking with a career expert about your career change can help you understand your career options, and which career moves best suit you based on your personality and work preferences. We use best-in-class psychometrics designed to pinpoint which work environments suit you best, how to play up your strengths, and where your real areas of interest and motivation lie.

Know exactly what you'd like to do next but need help on getting there? For those who have a clear view on their desired next step, we build a personalised job search strategy to secure your next role. This involves:

  • Identifying and developing your unique value proposition to employers
  • Creating a candidate profile that beats out your competitors
  • Developing a coherent 'story' to your career so far, that makes compelling reasons for why you should be hired
  • Interview coaching
  • Advice on how to source relevant job opportunities
  • Support liaising with hiring managers

Job searches are notoriously exhausting and de-motivating, particularly if you've just left a difficult job. We support you every step of the way with advice on specific job opportunities and support to refine your approach. If you decide to leave your current role before securing new employment, we also provide recommendations on how to leverage the time in between jobs to your advantage.

make a career decision

Once you know what career change you want to make, it can be hard to know how to achieve it. Career change is a step into the unknown and it raises many questions, including: Where do I want to work? What skill gaps should I fill? How do I grow my income in my new profession? If you're making a career change at 30 or a career change at 40, this will only raise further questions about family, finances, and legacy. Career change advice answers these questions, and provides you with a plan for your career transition.

overcome a career plateau

Hitting a ceiling in your career or realizing you're in a career cul-de-sac can be very demotivating. When you find yourself in a career plateau, it can feel like you're trapped and there's nowhere to go. If you're unhappy at work or not challenged enough by it, every day can add to your ennui or unhappiness. It can be difficult to know what your options are and to find the energy to work out what to do next. Career change advice will provide you with a space to re-imagine your options, work out what to do next, and take those pivotal steps forward. We help you re-create your career, to make sure that it is giving you the challenge, excitement, and prospects you want.

find purpose in your career

What are you driving towards? Between the daily routine of emails and back-to-back meetings, you're likely getting things done. You're working to a high standard; you're making things happen. What for? Our career advice and career guidance explores meaning and impact in your career. Where you feel, "I want a career where I can make a difference", we help you identify what career change you need to make. Finding purpose in work is all about creating alignment between what matters to you and practical steps to realize it. Our career change advice provides you with your career strategy for personal fulfilment in what you do.

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Specific benefits with us

Workplace and business context

We work with leaders and organisations across sectors and in multiple geographies. This gives us deep insight into current organisational and sector trends across the globe. We leverage this insight to inform our career advice. For those looking to transition into a new role, we also provide insight into your ideal work environment and company culture.

Your career ally

We partner with you to advance your career. We ensure that you have support as and when you need it — from big career decisions to tricky work situations — and develop long-term relationships with most clients we work with. We are invested in your success and leverage our expertise and our understanding of your particular situation to make sure you are always on track to achieve your goals.

Long-term focus

The foundation of all our programmes is the creation of a strong career trajectory that takes into account your long-term career goals. We assess the suitability of near-term moves, decisions, and options in relation to their compatibility with your long-term plan, in order to ensure that you are always in alignment with your overall goals. We support your vision to make it a reality.

Our Services

Our career change advice involves one-to-one sessions in-person or via phone/video conference, tailored to your busy schedule. When you sign up, we match you to a coach from our international network of world-class coaches.

Initial Consultation

A 75-minute consultation with a career coach. Get advice on an urgent problem, or get to know us before committing to a longer programmeme. Explore how to kickstart a new chapter in your career.

Ongoing Career Management Tracking

Ongoing weekly/monthly career change sessions focusing on career management. Ideal for those looking to solve longer-term challenges, or want regular advice.

Career Change programme

A 6-week programme to help you make a career transition. Includes:

  • Five 75-minute consultations
  • Two psychometrics including debriefing
  • Online client platform with exercises
  • Career Management Report, including key themes for your career development, near- and long-term career strategy, and related professional development edges
  • Four 15-minute follow-up calls for support and guidance


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what our clients say

"I’ve used Arieli & Company’s insights to change roles, effectively manage teams, and make difficult decisions to drive my career forward."

Sarah B., Membership Manager

"I made a decision to leave the company, concentrate on my core competencies and not to simply take a 'job'. This led me to the most profitable quarter I ever had."

Steven K., General Manager

"The coaching I got provided knowledge and confidence I needed to find something more closely aligned with my values. It’s turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time."

Sam M., UX Consultant

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