UK Financial Regulator

Social network analysis to inform knowledge management in a specialist unit

the client

A unit within a UK financial regulator. Its team members are experts in their field, with a deep sense of pride in their duty to protect the UK's financial systems.

the challenge

With a high concentration of specialist knowledge, the unit’s capacity to operationalise and protect its intellectual property are key for fulfilment of its mandate. The unit's managers wanted to understand how to improve knowledge exchange and management.


We have a lot of specialists in [our unit], and it's that expertise that equips us to make informed decisions about the challenges we face. We need to understand the threats to knowledge retention, so that we can take pre-emptive action where necessary.


Unit Manager at UK financial regulator

the solution

We conducted a social network analysis to locate informal networks and invisible workflows within the unit. We identified individuals whose expertise was underutilised, plus work bottlenecks. The results showed that improvements should be focused at the sub-team level within the unit.

We discovered that threats to knowledge retention were related to issues with stress management. We provided actionable recommendations to solve this problem.

the future

The unit is using the insights from the social network analysis to inform decisions about how it builds capabilities in innovation and operational excellence.

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