Improve Your Culture

We help develop and sustain high-performing and innovative work cultures. We also identify hotspots before pockets of toxic culture create PR problems or legal challenges.

We provide audits of your organisational culture, actionable recommendations to improve existing systems, and tailored interventions.

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Drive Employee Engagement

We help increase employee motivation, focus, and commitment at work. We identify the causes of employee disengagement that can reduce performance and create negative work environments.

We provide audits of employee engagement for departments or whole organisations. We also provide actionable recommendations to improve employee engagement, and customised interventions.

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Enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace

We help organisations create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. We help develop and sustain organisational cultures where minorities experience equality of opportunity and a sense of belonging. We help remove biases that negatively impact hiring decisions and career progression.

We audit existing processes to identify opportunities to improve diversity and inclusion. We also provide actionable recommendations and/or tailored interventions to enhance diversity and inclusion.

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Develop leaders and high-potential talent

We provide leaders with personal and professional development opportunities that challenge, motivate, and add real value for them and their organisations. We help prepare high-potential talent for sustained performance in management and leadership roles. We help organisations provide talent management that attracts and retains high-potential talent.

We assess talent management and leadership development to advise on improvements. We make actionable recommendations and provide tailored solutions.

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Our Approach

Sprints not Marathons

Our sprint-based solutions save organisations time and money. We don't propose organisational transformations or culture changes that distract your people. We simply target the next most important thing you can do to see a tangible improvement.

Relevant Theory Only

We aren't wed to one school of thought. We assess your problem using complex adaptive systems (CAS). Taking your particular challenge into account, we give you a lean, fast, and highly-effective solution. CAS is theory-driven, data responsive, and the only relevant model for a disruptive context.

People not "Human Resources"

We run a private career management practice alongside our organisational work. We have direct, honest data about what people want, need, and dislike at work. We use this to develop more effective talent management and company culture solutions.

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