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Job Search Strategy

You've tried lots of things to get a new job but nothing's working.


You're getting interest in your profile but keep falling short at the interview stages.


You're worried your CV, LinkedIn profile, and/or cover letters don't adequately represent your value proposition.

Culture Gap

You're looking for a job in a new location, and want help navigating the different job market.

Become a Strong Candidate in 6 Weeks

Week 1: UVP

In this week, we identify and develop your unique value proposition to employers.

Based on this, we begin to build a new profile for you (CV and LinkedIn profile). We also help you optimise your cover letters to present your unique strengths and assets.

Week 2: Interview Style

In this week, we provide you with advice and feedback on your interview style and technique.

We also provide you with a plan with personalised recommendations and/or exercises to tackle your interview weaknesses.

Week 3: Viability

In this week, we focus on full execution of your new job strategy.

We also continue to give you ad hoc advice per job opportunity (as needed), and provide you with pre-briefings for each interview you have.

Week 4: Review

In this week, we examine your success on the programme to date, and provide advice on how to perform better.

This includes tackling feedback from recent job interviews, and refining job direction based on client feedback and experience.

Week 5: Implementation

In this week, we monitor the changes made to your job strategy and offer any advice for improvement or refinement.

We also continue to give you ad hoc advice per job opportunity (as needed), and provide you with pre-briefings for each interview you have.

Week 6: Closing

In this week, we continue to offer interview briefings, and advice on liaising with HR personnel. We also help you negotiate a competitive job offer.

At the end of the week, we provide you with an end-of-engagement report with personalised recommendations.

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become a client

If you wish to work on longer-term transition to a new role, we can arrange this for you.

Key Features


Identify and develop your unique value proposition to employers.

Application Documents

How to optimise your CV, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile for Applicant Tracking Systems and HR personnel.

Online Client Platform

Track opportunities effectively on our online client platform.


Receive pre-interview briefings and support liaising with hiring managers.

Successful Client Moves

The Career Platform Programme


Build a strong foundation for your next career move. Clarify what role, industry, and location you wish to apply for. Create a new candidate profile. Address your interview and networking weaknesses. Run a robust and effective process to find your new job or to be promoted.

The Career Platform programme provides you with a rigorous and tested process to secure your next role. We develop a tailored strategy for you. In our first meeting, we discuss your career goals, and what this means for what your next move has to deliver up against. We then clarify what your skills, experience, and current professional profile mean for your options.

From the beginning, we help you optimise how you source new opportunities, and we equip you with tools and techniques to convert them into interviews and job offers. By week 2, we develop your new, improved candidate profile, which clearly communicates your professional strengths and 'unique selling points' as a candidate.

In weeks 2 through 6, we help you overcome any interview weaknesses, and take an active role debriefing you for each interview you attend. We make sure you are prepared for tough questions about your background, challenges you have faced, and reasons why you are changing role or career.

The goal of the programme is to maximise your chances of success. Unique to our approach is making sure that whatever move you make next, it supports and helps you get closer to your longer-term vision as an expert and/or leader in your chosen field.

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Tailor your programme to make sure you have all the information and support you need. We offer career coaching, psychometric insights, transition support, and model cover letters. Learn More.