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Is It For You?

Career Path

You're evaluating different career options, and need to work out what's best for you.


You're unhappy or frustrated in your current job, and want to move to something more exciting.


You feel stuck in your current role or want to take your career to the next level.

Find Clarity in Your Career

Week 1

Week 1: Discovery

In this week, we examine your professional history and equity. We explore your interests, motivations, and values and determine your professional strengths and transferrable skills.

We also work out your preferred working style and environment.

Week 2

Week 2: Career options

In this week, we examine the primary factors influencing your career choice. We consider your near- and long-term career goals, and explore your 'must-haves' vs. 'ideal-to-haves'.

We also look at how your choices fit into your longer-term career development.

Week 3

Week 3: Viability

In this week, we discuss specific professional opportunities. We identify the evidence required to make a good decision. We look at the day-to-day outlook for each of your career choices, and learn what the transition would take, especially with regard to time and money.

Week 4

Week 4: Implementation

In this week, we build a plan from your current situation to your preferred outcome(s). We determine what milestones you need to achieve, and develop strategies to overcome potential obstacles.

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Your Programme Features

Psychometric Insights

Find your key weaknesses and discover how others see you. Discover how to access your greatest strengths. Drive impact and build buy-in faster.

Strategic Advice

Learn the key factors determining your chances of success. Receive a report on your career strategy with action points for short and long-term gains.

Fail-Safe Plan

Develop a plan to overcome internal and external obstacles. Track your progress on our online client platform.

What Our Clients Say

"Without Arieli & Company, this would have been an impossible chunk of my life to master. So thank you!"

Anja H., Brand Consultant

"Suesal is quick to understand your situation, gives no-nonsense advice and encourages and helps you to take action. I have already recommended her to several of my friends!"

Anonymous, Vice President

"The coaching I got provided knowledge and confidence I needed to find something more closely aligned with my values. It’s turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time."

Sam M., UX Consultant

Pricing and Optional Extras

The Career Clarity Programme starts at only 2,200 GBP (3,150 USD)

Insight for leadership

Tackle leadership challenges, new and emerging. Manage your dark side before it damages your career. Build your full talent to deliver stunning results.
695 GBP

360° Assessment

Discover what your stakeholders think of you. Transform existing views of you into a powerful brand. Learn how to gain the influence and buy-in you need.
395 GBP

MBA and Masters Student

Are you starting a new MBA or Masters programme? Formulate your next career chapter. Create a plan to make sure your investment pays off.
395 GBP

Applications Assistance

Be noticed by admissions panels. GMATs, GREs, personal statements, and portfolios. Use our strategies to gain admission to world-class schools such as INSEAD, Oxbridge, and the Ivy League.
495 GBP


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